MOUNT VERNON — A 22-year-old Mt. Vernon woman was released from the Jefferson County Jail this weekend after receiving a notice to appear on charges including aggravated battery to a police officer.

According to Mt. Vernon Police Chief Trent Page, officers responded around 4:25 Sunday afternoon to stand by at an apartment in 800 block of South 21st Street as a female roommate removed her belongings.

The other roommate, Madison Stanley, reportedly would not let the other roommate inside. After police arrived, the door was opened but Stanley reportedly shoved a male who was there to help the roommate move her belongings.

At that point officers intervened, and report Stanley also shoved one officer. As the officers entered the apartment to take her into custody, she reportedly began to resist and kicked one officer as she was being taken out to the squad car.

Stanley was taken to the Jefferson County Jail and booked on two counts aggravated battery to a police officer – one count for shoving and the other for kicking, along with battery with physical contact for allegedly shoving the man helping her roommate move.

Per the SafeT Act, she was given a notice to appear in court and released without bond or detention.