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Hello there, I’m Katie Neal! I’m the Katie half of “Katie & Company”. YOU along with the biggest names in country music are the “Company”! When I was growing up our house was the hangout house. Whether it was family or friends, or both, we always had company over. So I’ve always tried to approach the show like those days, just sitting around in the living room, laughing and shooting the breeze!

On the show I try to blend my love of country music and pop culture with stories from my everyday life and even occasionally sprinkle in a sports report hoping that there’s a little something for anyone tuning in.

Coolest part of the job! Every weekday the biggest stars in country music co-host the Superstar Power Hour with me. We play a bunch of their songs and they share the stories behind them. I also find artists, their art, and their lives so fascinating so I like to ask a variety of questions. Anything from “What’s your favorite gas station snack?” to “If you hadn’t made it here today, where would you be? What would you be doing?” Which a lot of times creates space for big laughs and heartfelt exchanges.

I really love my job and I hope you love listening!
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A few fun facts about me:
• I love Harry Potter.
• I drink iced coffee year round.
• Off the air, I swear like a sailor.
• I drive down the street and judge people’s homes by whether or not I would want to spend Christmas there.
• Most of the drama in my life stems from the fact that I love white furniture and neutral colored clothing but live with a man and floppy, mud-loving goldendoodle.
• My dad owned an ice cream shop that was next door to our house growing up. I can swirl the meanest soft serve cone you’ve ever seen. Even dip it upside down in chocolate!