Nashville High Superintendent in Hot Seat over newspaper column

NASHVILLE — The superintendent of Nashville High School finds himself in the hot seat for the second time this year, this time over his recent column for a local newspaper that many in the community have found to be inappropriate.

The column written by Nashville Community High School Superintendent Ernie Fowler appeared Wednesday on The Nashville News website and described when he was a a 15-year-old playing volleyball with a girl he describes as “the blonde-haired, blue eyed girl of my high school fantasy world.”

Fowler goes on to write about the young girl’s “well-developed assets” which were hidden under a T-shirt with the word ‘bullets’ sprawled across the front.

Reactions to Fowler’s column were swift and angry, with several people commenting that he should be removed from his position.

The Nashville High School teachers union, which earlier this year approved a no-confidence vote on Fowler based upon his financial decisions, denounced the column and is calling for the superintendent’s immediate resignation or removal.

Fowler has since apologized for the column, and has announced he will no longer pen the weekly message.