Illinois State Rep. Brandon Phelps resigns

HARRISBURG, Ill. (AP) — Illinois State Rep. Brandon Phelps has stepped down.

The Harrisburg Democrat’s resignation from the seat he’s held in the 118th District in southern Illinois since 2003 was effective Friday.

In a statement, Phelps says he resigned in “the interest of my personal health.” Phelps injured one of his eyes in a hunting accident years ago and problems with the eye have caused him to miss time in the General Assembly in recent years.

Phelps championed concealed weapons legislation and helped push through the state’s concealed carry act in 2013.

Massac County Democratic Chairman Jeff Stafford says he’s not certain about the process to replace Phelps. Typically, county chairman in the counties of the legislative districts meet with candidates for the post and then vote on a replacement.