Collinsville Traffic Stop Leads To Heroin Bust

(COLLINSVILLE, IL) — A traffic stop in Collinsville has resulted in the arrest of an19-year-old Arizona woman after police reportedly discovered half a million dollars worth of heroin in her car. According to Illinois State Police, Sara S. Gonzalez-Gamboa, and 47-year-old Martha Z. Gamboa-Madrid, both from Tucson, Arizona, were pulled over in a 2013 Volkswagen CC by state police while driving on Interstate 70. Gamboa-Madrid, the owner of the car, agreed to a search of the vehicle, during which the trooper said he discovered a hidden compartment containing six duct-taped bundles of heroin, weighing a total of about 4 kilograms. Police reports indicate the initial traffic stop was made due to the vehicle having an obstructed view. During a preliminary hearing, Gamboa-Madrid was charged with intent to deliver more than 900 grams of heroin and trafficking of a controlled substance. Police also seized about $1,500 from the car, according to a notice for seizure of forfeiture, and are filing for possession of the money. Under state law, authorities can take possession of assets that are believed to be connected to the drug trade.