More details released on Carlyle Bar incident connected to biker gang feud

More details released on Carlyle Bar incident connected to biker gang feud

CARLYLE, IL — The Clinton County State’s Attorney’s Office has released details into a violent incident earlier this week outside Tipsy’s in Carlyle.

According to State’s Attorney JD Brandmdyer, 35-year-old Michael Allen Burton, and 29-year-old Bryson Lee Williams were arrested  Monday and have each been charged with Class X felony armed robbery, Class 2 felony robbery, Class 3 felony aggravated battery and Class 4 felony mob action. Williams is charged with a second count of aggravated battery.

Brandmeyer says Burton and Williams were both armed with a knife Monday when they took a cellphone from Kyle T. Heimann by use of force resulting in the armed robbery and robbery charges.

He says that while near the intersection of Fairfax Street and Ninth Street in Carlyle, Burton struck Heimann in the head with a beer bottle and then repeatedly kicked him in the head after he fell to the ground resulting in his aggravated battery charge.

Williams is accused of striking Heimann and then shoving and striking Christopher J. Borgman during the altercation, resulting in his two aggravated battery charges.

Brandmeyer explains the charges of mob action against both Burton and Williams are based on the allegation that they knowingly used force or violence to disturb the public peace while acting together to engage in a violent physical altercation.

He says both men are affiliated with the Mongols Motorcycle Club but since an earlier incident at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri is out of the Clinton County jurisdiction a definitive link cannot be made between that incident and the Monday incident in Carlyle.

However, Brandmeyer notes the investigation is ongoing.

Bond has been set at $100,000 for each defendant with the condition that they have no contact with either of the victims, their residences, no contact with any witnesses, that they abstain from drugs and alcohol and have no contact with any bars or taverns. The investigation remains ongoing.