Benton Recycling Site Being Misused

It seems someone is using the city of Benton’s recycling site on Grand Street to dump more than just recyclable materials.
During Monday night’s city council meeting, pictures of trash, junk and other items were brought to the council’s attention from those who live around the site.

City leaders say this has been an ongoing problem for years, but they have never seen it like this. Neighbors told WSIL-TV dogs are picking up the trash and scattering it in nearby yards. It is also inviting unwelcoming rodents to the neighborhood.
Neighbors say they want the city to put up more signs, move the recycling site or find a way to monitor the situation. It was suggested to city leaders that the recycling site could be moved to a city owned, gated site near the new sewer plant on Petroff Road.

The city says its recycling company will now come twice a week instead of just once to pick up in order to help cut down on the mess.