Dissention Between Benton Mayor, Public Property Commissioner

(BENTON, IL) — Benton Mayor Fred Kondritz’s laundry list of agenda items for this week’s meeting didn’t get a lot of support from the City Council during Monday night’s meeting. There were 26 items under the mayor’s report with the biggest one being raising the mayor’s salary to $28,000 starting with the new mayor in 2019. Kondritz currently makes $11,700 a year as mayor. Public Property Commissioner Ronnie Baumgarte noted that he is not for raising the mayor’s salary. Baumgarte says he wants to see proof from the mayor before anything is done. Baumgarte went on to say that he could table every item the mayor had on his list and make the meeting short because it was in his words “crap.” Streets and Public Improvement Commissioner Don Wyant also agreed with Baumgarte comments. Kondritz says he could pay for everything listed on his part of the agenda with revenue from pour gaming licenses he so desperately wants for the city – something the City Council has not agreed with the mayor on recently. The items were tabled.