HUD Removes Ashmore From Executive Director Position Of ACHA

(CAIRO, IL) — Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore is no longer the Alexander County Housing Authority’s Executive Director. A HUD spokesman told the Southern Illinoisan that the agency spoke to Ashmore and told him in no uncertain terms officials though his selection was improper. HUD says the decision was based on its disapproval of the manner in which Ashmore was selected. HUD told Ashmore nothing precludes him from applying for this or other positions in the future. Ashmore was chosen to be executive director by three members of the housing authority’s board on Jan. 19, but a meeting to approve his contract the following week was canceled. Ashmore has been reporting to work, but hasn’t been paid. Ashmore said HUD told him he would get six days pay, but doesn’t know how much it will be since no terms of employment were ever approved. Ashmore says his salary would have been $80,000, which would have been $40,000 less than former director James Wilson’s contract cost.