Physician’s License At Risk For Possible Violations Of Marijuana Law

(CHICAGO, IL) — A physician accused of violating Illinois’ medical marijuana law could lose his license in a case critics say highlights the state’s strict enforcement. Dr. Bodo Schneider, who has an office in Marion and has had an office in Mt. Vernon, is accused of charging patients for marijuana recommendations without a legitimate doctor-patient relationship. His case came before an administrative law judge Tuesday in Chicago. Attorneys say they’re negotiating a possible settlement. The case highlights how Illinois and other states handle doctors who cater to marijuana-seeking patients, though it isn’t the first time Schneider has faced trouble. He was reprimanded in 2000, for failing to properly treat a diabetic patient. Florida revoked his license in 2005 for failure to report the Illinois discipline, which prompted Virginia to suspend his license. His attorney says Schneider misunderstood how the reprimand could affect his status in other states.