Big Jake

Big Jake

Well, hello-there! I’m Big Jake and I take care of you on 94.1FM from 10am-2pm as we get through that mid day hump every week day together. I also report you the news all day long on both AM/FM…I’m sorry.

My family moved from Illinois to Indiana and then back to Illinois in the first 5 years of my life. We lived in Salem for a year and then moved into the house I called “Home” for the next 16 years. I started 2nd grade at South Central Schools, where I would stay through high school. GO COUGARS!

I worked, some in radio, some in a few other places during my time at Kaskaskia College to get my Associate of Arts degree while I decided what in THE HECK I wanted to do with my life.

I always had a passion for Sports Broadcasting and was a talk radio weirdo even as a kid, so after KC I made the decision to go to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. The Dirty Dale treated me pretty well and I left there with great radio experience between some campus programs and part-time radio gigs in 2016.

I started at WMIX in October of 2017 and love being close to home again. I look forward to helping WMIX and the listening area grow in any way I can while I get the opportunity to be employed here.

Radio people tend to be long-winded so I’ll shut up for now and we can get back to partying during the middle of your workday where I’ll try to keep it as fun as possible.

Fun fact(s):

  1. I was born in Ketchikan, Alaska….not even kidding, you can ask my Mom.
  2. I’m engaged and getting married this year. My Fiancé is the bomb-dot-com by the way. And no, she didn’t tell me to write that, but she’d agree.