Here’s a little about me-
    My roots run deep into Southern Illinois. My parents are both Southern Illinois natives (Scheller/ Bluford). I guess you could say I fit the definition of a Navy Brat. My Dad joined the Navy the year I was born, so I am the only child of three to be born outside of Southern Illinois on the Memphis Naval Base in Tennessee.
    Although I was born in Tennessee, I moved around a lot during my childhood. However, I’ve spent the majority of the last 30 years calling Southern Illinois my home. Where, I’ve been surrounded by family, lifelong friends and WMIX in the background playing the soundtrack to my life.

    Radio “is life” to me! Ever since I was a young girl, when I would listen to Casey Kasem doing the top 40 countdown and I would record it on my cassette player; the dream of one day talking on the radio has been a part of the fabric of who I am. When I was 16 years old, I received my FCC radio operator’s license. Then right out of high school, I attended Wabash Valley College in Mt Carmel, Illinois. Where, I would receive my Associates Degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting.

    Life is funny sometimes; in that it can take us down many unforeseen roads. So, I didn’t immediately start my career in radio right out of college. However, I do find it refreshing that sometimes those unforeseen roads bring us full circle, back to where we were meant to be.
    Which is how I got to where I find myself these days; spending every weekday on the airwaves with you generating the soundtrack of your life. I feel so very blessed and honored to be able to do that!

    Music says the things we can’t find the words for. Happy, sad, mad, glad…there’s a song for whatever you are feeling at any given moment in time. Music moves me and I’m that friend who finds a song lyric in every conversation, restarts a song because it wasn’t fully being appreciated and performs karaoke in a traffic jam. I don’t just work at a country radio station. I am also a HUGE country music fan, both the old and the new. I believe there’s plenty of room on country radio for all of it. As a woman, I do my part to make sure that the women of country are equally represented on country radio.

    I have to give a shout out to my number one fan, my sweet husband Chris and our blended family of five children (William, Slade, Abigail, Wolfgang and Wyatt). Who have cheered me on, encouraged me to follow my dreams and supported me the entire way!
    Thanks for tuning in!