AMC Theaters Hopeful To Open July 31

AMC Theaters, where most of our locals would be going to see the newest movies, was striving for a July 15th reopen date. In a statement by Deadline, they stated the following, We continue to devote extraordinary resources into our plan to operate our theatres with a hyper commitment to the safety and health of…read more

Tale of TWO Pirates of the Caribbean Sixes?

Pirates of the Caribbean have had a lot of success since the first film back in 2003. Since then, there’s been four more films. So what is next for Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Well, Disney is currently working on two separate reboots. One reboot will be co-written by Craig Mazin (HBO’S Chernobyl creator) and…read more

20 of the “Best” Time Travel Movies

Rolling Stone released a list of the best Time Travel movies!  Here’s the top TEN.  Click on the link to see the rest of the list! And while you’re watching, you could always pretend that you could time travel out of 2020. What year would you time travel to? 1.  “Groundhog Day”, 2.  A French short film…read more

Disney Confirms Mystery “Frozen” Voice

If you have seen Frozen 2, then you’ll maybe remember that there is a voice that calls to Elsa throughout. Some audience members were convinced that it was Elsa’s mother.  Others argued that it was actually her own voice that Elsa heard- But Disney has confirmed, that  “the voice is the mother.”  Kids are really serious about…read more

2021 Oscars Officially Delayed

The 2021 Oscars were set to be in February 2021. Many movies of course, had their start dates pushed back, or were stream-able movies only. The eligibility rules have been extended- either by December 1st, January 15th, or February 28th depending on the category. The new date for the 2021 Oscars is April 25, more

AMC Hopeful To Return In July

We joke and complain about how much it costs to see a movie, buy the popcorn, etc. But now we think, “If I could only go see a movie”. We may be able to next month- AMC Theaters is hopeful that next month, July, they will be able to open their thoroughly cleaned doors and…read more

Planet of the Apes Production Could Start Soon

Despite everything going on, the new Planet of the Apes movie could in production very soon, well virtual production anyway. Since this is a movie with heavy CGI usage, I wonder how much of the movie they could actually complete until it’s safe to make movies again? Either way, Ball seems to be rearing and…read more