UPDATE: Region 5 is now in Tier 1 mitigations which allows limited indoor service!
Please contact us if the information for your business is incorrect, as we are striving to have correct and up-to-date details.

Any restaurants listed as offering dine-in means that they are open for dine-in with capacity limits.  

Instead of having to look up the information on your own, the Digital Drive Thru brought to you by VisitSI and Mr. D’s in Benton has the information for you!

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that Region 5 has moved into Tier 1 mitigations.  This includes the following counties:
Alexander, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Marion, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, Wabash, Wayne, White, and Williamson.
Visit this link for more information regarding Tier 1 mitigations.

Please contact the restaurant for any more information. We have provided a facebook page link, website link, or phone number for each listing.

If a business does not have “delivery” specified in our list, GrubHub or DoorDash may still deliver to you. Just go to either site and type in your delivery address to find what delivery options are available to you.

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Eagle’s Nest– carryout, dine-in. go here for their website.

Alto Pass
Peachbarn Winery & Cafe– wine orders only

Anna & Jonesboro
Brick House Grill- carryout, curbside, dine-in to open January 21st
Dixie BBQ– carryout, curbside
Goddards Bar & Grill– carryout, limited outdoor dining space
Hebrewz Coffee House– drive-thru
Jordo’s Pizza– carryout, delivery
King’s Wok– carryout
The Kitchen on Lafayette– carryout, delivery
Pizza Villa– closed until further notice as of 12/2
Sinisi’s on Main– carryout, curbside
Whiffle Boy’s– carryout, delivery

Lantern Pub– carryout, dine-in

Brunzeez– carryout, dine-in
Crazy Joe’s Fish House– carryout, dine-in
Gabby’s– carryout
Scratch Brewing– carryout
Shawnee Country Store- call for details (618) 426-9618

The Buzz– carryout, dine-in

Cozy Table- dine-in
Jack Russell Fish Company– carryout, curbside, dine-in
Joe’s Pizza of Benton– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Keyaki Sushi– carryout, dine-in
La Fiesta- carryout, curbside, dine-in
Mr. D’s– drive-in
Peking Buffet– carryout, dine-in

Pops BBQ– drive-thru, dine-in
Seasoning Bistro– curbside, carry-out, dine-in
Tequilas– carryout, curbside, dine-in

Bonnie Cafe– carryout, dine-in

Cozy Cakes Cafe– check facebook for details

Asian Bistro– curbside, drive-thru
Mimmo’s– carryout
Pizza & Pasta Express– call for details
Rise Above It– curbside; permanently closing February 26th
Rob’s Pit BBQ– carryout, dine-in
Tequilas– carryout, dine-in
Walker’s Bluff– wine order & delivery, follow them on facebook for updates

Aban’s Kitchen– carryout
Bandana’s– carryout
Blend Tea & Crepe– carryout
Buckwater– closed at this time
Cellar– closed at this time
Chango’s– carryout
Chili’s– carryout, delivery
China Wok– carryout
Cool Spoons– carryout
Cristaudo’s– order ahead and carryout
Dale’s Burger Shack– carryout, delivery
Don Sol– carryout, curbside, dine-in
Don Taco– carryout, delivery
Dunkin– drive-thru
El Paisano- curbside (not confirmed, please call 618 351-8159)
Emma & Arnie’s– curbside
Flame– carryout, curbside, dine-in (reservation needed)
Fujiyama– carryout, dine-in to reopen soon
Global Gourmet– carryout, dine-in to reopen soon
Golden Corral– carryout 
Harbaugh’s– carryout, dine-in
Hunan– carryout, curbside
Italian Village- carryout, dine-in
Jimmy Johns– carryout, delivery
Keeper’s Quarters– currently closed, check for updates
Larry’s House of Cakes– carryout, curbside
Longbranch– carryout only
Mama Pangs at PKs– carryout, dine-in
Mary Lou’s– carryout, dine-in to reopen 1/19
Mod Pizza– carryout, curbside
Moe’s– carryout, delivery
New Kahala– curbside, delivery
Pagliai’s– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Pita Alley– carryout 
Primo’s Pizza– carryout, delivery
Quatro’s– curbside, delivery
Sam’s Cafe– carryout, delivery
Sergio’s– carryout, dine-in
Sunny Street Cafe– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Tequilas– curbside, dine-in
Thai Taste– curbside, see facebook for changes
Town Square Market– carryout 
Tres Hombres– closed at this time
Underground Public House– heated pods, carryout 
Yamato Steakhouse– carryout, curbside

Carmi’s Main Street Cafe– carryout, dine-in
Gottzz’s– carryout, delivery
Mr. Jalapeno– carryout, dine-in
New China Buffet– carryout, dine-in
Taco Factory– drive-thru
Yesterday’s Drive-In– drive-in

Carrier Mills
MiMi’s Place– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Route 45 Cafe– carryout, dine-in

Burger Haven- carryout, curbside
Fire Wok– carryout, delivery
Hunan House– carryout, delivery
Jade Buffet- call (618) 918-5188 
Jerry’s Grill and Bar–  carryout, dine-in
Mamma Antonia’s Trattoria- carryout, call (618) 533-0535
Melinda’s Coffee & Bistro– carryout, dine-in
Monical’s– curbside, delivery, dine-in
Orphan Smokehouse– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Peking Chinese Restaurant- carryout, call (618) 533-0535
Rail Coffee Room– carryout, dine-in
Rosati’s Pizza– carryout, delivery
Sergio’s– carryout, curbside, dine-in
Tequila’s– carryout, curbside, dine-in

Barb’s Bounty– carryout
Joe’s Pizza– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Reid’s Harvest House– carryout
St. Nicholas Landmark– carryout, curbside, dine-in

DiMaggio’s Pizza- call (618) 724-7877
The Hop Brewery– appointment only for growlers/crowlers
Larry’s Pit BBQ- drive-thru, dine-in
Las Ollas– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in
Maid-Rite– carryout, dine-in
T Street Pub– carryout, curbside, dine-in

Iron Whisk– planning for a March reopen 
Old Route 51 BBQ– planning to reopen 1/22
Owl Creek– limited carryout (call ahead), reopen for outdoor seating in March
RE & Sandy’s- call for carryout catering information (618) 893-4394 
Starview Winery– carryout, dine-in
Taquiera Pequena– closed, check facebook for updates on re-open

Creal Springs
Big Blues Que– drive-thru, dine-in
Sugar Creek Cafe- unable to verify, call (618) 996-8289

Gresa’s– carryout, curbside, dine-in
Route 51 Brewery– carryout, dine-in (reopen 1/21)
Tom’s Place– carryout 

The Mule Barn- call for details (618) 787-2751
The White House– carryout, dine-in

Du Quoin
Alongi’s– carryout, dine-in
Bj’s Cafe– drive-thru, dine-in
Corner Pocket– curbside
Don Tequilas– carryout, dine-in
Kalin’s Cafe- dine-in
Penny’s Perks– drive thru
Martel’s Pizza– drive thru, delivery
St. Nicholas Brewing Co– carryout, dine-in
The W– carryout, dine-in

Red Onion- drive thru, dine-in

Kelly’s Kitchen– dine-in

Athleats– curbside, delivery
El Tequila– curbside
Whiffle Boys– carryout, delivery, dine-in

Angi’s Eats and Sweets– carryout
Bar-B-Q– Barn- carryout, dine-in
Leo’s Finest Pizza– curbside, delivery
Mackie’s– carryout, delivery
Morello’s– carryout, dine-in
Peking Palace- permanently closed

Burger Nook- call for details (618) 942-3640
Chuck’s BBQ– curbside, delivery
Complete Supplements– curbside
Dixie Cream– carryout, drive thru
El Jalisco– carryout
Joe’s Pizza & Pasta– carryout, curbside, delivery
Newman & Co– carryout, curbside, delivery 
Polar Whip– curbside
Primo’s Pizza– curbside, delivery
Sergio’s- carryout, delivery call (618) 942-8085
Teddy’s– carryout

Johnston City
Andresen’s Cafe– carryout, dine-in
T-moe’s– carryout, delivery, dine-in

Blue Sky Vineyard– carryout, dine-in
Giant City Lodge– closed for the season, reopen 2-5-2021
Keller’s Crossing– curbside

618 Taphouse- carryout, dine-in
Baan Thai– carryout, delivery
Bennie’s– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Bob Evans– carryout, delivery
Buffalo Wild Wings- carryout, call (618) 997-9464
Casey’s General Stores- carryout, delivery
China Wok– carryout
Chop Kitchen– carryout
Cracker Barrel– curbside, delivery
Crown Brew– carryout
Don Luna– drive-thru
Don Sol– carryout, dine-in
El Ranchito– carryout, dine-in
Fujiyama- carryout, dine-in
Gabby & Granny’s– carryout, dine-in
Jeremiah’s Kitchen– carryout, drive-thru
Just One More– carryout, dine-in
KB’S BBQ– drive-thru, dine-in
Krispy Kreme– drive-thru, delivery
La Fiesta– carryout, dine-in
La Galeria– carryout, dine-in
Larry’s House of Cakes– carryout
Logan’s Roadhouse– carryout, dine0in
Lord of the Wings– closed at this time
Mackie’s Pizza– carryout, delivery, dine-in
McAlister’s– carryout, curbside
O’Charleys– carryout, delivery 
Papa Murphy’s– permanently closed
Razmo’s– drive-thru
Red Lobster– curbside, delivery
Riley’s Smokehouse– carryout, drive-thru, dine-in
Simply David’s– carryout
Smoothie King– drive-thru
Tequila’s– carryout, dine-in
Thai D– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in
Tower Square Pizza– carryout, dine-in
The Vault– carryout, dine-in beginning 1/25
Walt’s Pizza– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Wing Basket– carryout, dine-in
Wok N Roll– carryout, dine-in

Farris Family Restaurant– carryout, dine-in

Just Like Mama’s Home Cooking– carryout, delivery, dine-in

Mt. Vernon
Agave Mexican Restaurant– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Applebee’s– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in
Bandana’s BBQ– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in
Bonnie Cafe– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Chili’s– carryout, delivery, dine-in

17th Street BBQ-  carryout, dine-in
Cindy B’s– carryout, dine-in
Cummare’s– carryout, delivery to Murphysboro
Sergio’s- carryout, dine-in

Dixie’s Cup Cafe– carryout, dine-in
The Grecian– carryout, dine-in
Joe’s Pizza- carryout, delivery, dine-in
Red Hawk Golf– carryout

JT’s On The Hill– carryout, dine-in
Load Em Up Pizza– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in

El Rancherito– carryout, curbside, delivery, dine-in
Five Brothers Cafe– carryout, dine-in
Joe’s Pizza– carryout, delivery, dine-in
Mamma Antonia’s Trattoria– carryout
Sharon’s Cafe– carryout, dine-in
Village Garden– carryout, dine-in

Anchor Grille– carryout, dine-in
Bagels & Brews– drive thru
The Mill– carryout, dine-in
Red, White, and Blue BBQ– carryout 
Stringers- carryout, dine-in

Broadway Grille– curbside, delivery, dine-in
Lollie’s– carryout, delivery
Route 4 Restaurant– carryout, curbside, dine-in
Southside Ribs– carryout, dine-in

West Frankfort
Clubhouse Grille– carryout, dine-in
Dixie Cream– drive thru, dine-in
La Fiesta– carryout, dine-in
Pup’s 212– carryout, dine-in
West Frankfort Bowl– carryout, dine-in

Burton’s Cafe– carryout, dine-in
Harbor Lite– carryout, dine-in
Tino’s on The Tee– carryout. dine-in