Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Wrote Wedding Vows in a Bar

Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Wrote Wedding Vows in a Bar

Following the release of their first-ever duet, “Chasing After You,” Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd visited The Bobby Bones Show to promote the single and share details about their relationship.

Married in 2018, Hurd said the two wrote their vows across from each other at a bar prior to the wedding. Morris said they didn’t share what they wrote until wedding day.

“I tried to do a mix of really sentimental and obviously a mix of promising him all these things that I will do for him throughout our life together, but I also wanted to add some levity” she said. “So I said like, ‘I’ll put up with you constantly watching sports and you put up with me relentlessly watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'”

Referring to their song, Hurd said in a press release it was “perfect timing” for the two to make it together.

“Maren and I met writing songs and we’ve sung on each other’s records and written together, but this is the first time we’ve gotten to do an actual duet together,” he said. “It feels like the timing is really perfect and it’s a full-circle moment to get to make music together in this way.”