Hoyleton boy celebrates 5th birthday with personal parade

Hoyleton boy celebrates 5th birthday with personal parade

HOYLETON, IL — A young Hoyleton boy with cystic fibrosis received a special celebration for his 5th birthday Friday afternoon when people in the community came together to give him a drive-by party.

According to Jensen Luckey’s mom Jennifer, because her son’s life-threatening disorder causes severe damage to the lungs and digestive system, he is at high risk for catching COVID-19.

She says it was hard to explain to Jensen why he couldn’t have a party right now with his family members but the Hoyelton community and many family and friends stepped up in a way they never imagined.

After a few phone calls and a post on Facebook Wednesday, young Jensen celebrated his 5th birthday with his very own parade.

Jensen’s grandpa, Sean Claybourn said the parade started with a just a promise of a fire truck from the Hoyleton Fire Department to drive by but grew to several joining in with their lights flashing. Other vehicles joined from Centralia Collision Center and Jerry’s Towing.

Ambulances from United Response, students from Trinity Lutheran School and Church, and a motorcycle club also joined in the parade for Jensen.

Decked out in a Spiderman outfit, Jensen watched the celebration from the bed of a pickup truck on the side of the road while everyone honked, waved and yes … observed social distancing guidelines.