MARION COUNTY — Illinois State Police is investigating a series of incidents over the weekend in which motorists say a semi-truck ran them off Interstate 57 in a section south of Farina.

According to ISP, no one was seriously injured in the incidents, but the drivers of the semi-trucks did not stop.

All three motorists reported their incidents occurred in a one-mile section of northbound I-57 about four miles south of Farina.

The first incident reportedly occurred Friday afternoon when a semi driver turned on his turn signal to indicate he was moving into the passing lane that was already occupied by a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup truck apparently lost control trying to avoid the semi, which caused the pickup to travel through the median, across the southbound lanes, and into a field on the north side of the interstate before coming to a stop.

The next two incidents occurred Sunday, which has led officials to consider wind possibly being a factor.

The first of the Sunday incidents involved a motorist reporting a semi began to move into the passing lane forcing their vehicle to run off the road into the median and causing heavy damage to the underside of her vehicle.

Approximately four hours later, a couple from Wisconsin reported that a semi hit the front end of their vehicle causing it to run off into the median.

They declined medical attention.