Southern Illinois filmmaker looking for movie extras

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) — A southern Illinois filmmaker is looking for movie extras.

Dan Steadman wants to fill Lincoln Theater in Belleville on Saturday to play a game-show audience in the 1970s. He tells the Belleville News-Democrat the extras will be volunteers but everyone will make the final cut of “The Galoshes.”

Steadman says it’s “a chance for people who have never acted in their lives.” He says experience isn’t required, but that “all they have to do is not stare into the lens of a camera.”

The film is a spinoff of Steadman’s 2017 film “The Shoe.” It covered eight decades in the life of a pair of silver shoes and women who owned them.

Would-be silver-screen stars should appear at the theater by 11 a.m. wearing clothes and hairstyles from the 1970s.