Second Amendment Town Hall to be Held in Enfield Monday

Second Amendment Town Hall to be Held in Enfield Monday

ENFIELD — A Second Amendment town hall meeting, sponsored by IllinoisCarry and Hickory Creek Hideaway, will be held Monday night at 6 at the Family Life Center in Enfield. It’s located at the corner of Main and Jennette streets.

Illinois Carry spokesperson Valinda Rowe says the meeting is a result of many people expressing a need for the meeting. One of the first firearm bills proposed in the state legislature this year, SB107, has caused alarm among southern Illinois gun owners. If the bill becomes law, most semi-automatic rifles, handguns and shotguns would become illegal to possess.

Added concerns have arisen with the already enacted Gun Dealer Licensing law signed recently by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

Residents of  southern Illinois are looking to their elected representatives in the Capitol and local officials for answers and possible protections from what they consider a legislative onslaught of their rights by the Democrat majorities in the Illinois House and Senate.

The concerns stem from proposed laws coming from the Democrat Super Majorities in the House and Senate with the full support of newly minted Gov. Pritzker. “It is a perfect storm for the anti-gun Democrats up north to achieve their goal of straddling us with California style gun laws,” Rowe says.

This meeting is designed to educate the gun owning public about  what is going on and what lies ahead. Featured speakers are State Representative Darren Bailey, State Senator Dale Righter, White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud and Mike and Valinda Rowe.

Concerned citizens are encourage to attend.