Jobs group worried about speed at which Gov. is moving toward new taxes, more spending, and new costs for downstate businesses

ILLINOIS (IRN) — One of the groups focused on creating jobs in Illinois worried about the speed that Governor J.B. Pritzker is moving toward new taxes, more spending, and new costs for downstate businesses.

It’s not just the minimum wage, although that is a big part of the concern.

The group Ideas Illinois said it’s worried about the speed at which Pritzker is pushing to change the state’s business climate and spend more state money. The group’s Greg Baise said there is a real worry that Democratic lawmakers are lining up to pass two more tax increases over the next two years. And not cut spending.

“The temporary tax will get them through this rough patch. At least in their minds,” Baise said. “Then the progressive tax will fix their problem. That’s what Gov. Pritzker ran on.”

Baise says parts of Chicago and the suburbs are doing well, and will continue to do well under the new governor.

But other parts of Chicago and most of downstate, he says, won’t be.

“I penned an article a few years ago for the Illinois Manufacturers that talked about Illinois closing one day at a time,” Baise said. “And I think the kind of speed that [we’re] talking about, that the Pritzker administration wants to enact, it may speed that closing business up even more. Not only in the metropolitan area of Chicago, but downstate as well.”

Baise said it also worries him that very few people at the statehouse in Springfield are talking about limiting or shrinking state government spending.