Weather experts say February could be wetter-than-average

Weather experts say February could be wetter-than-average

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — State of Illinois weather experts say January started with above-normal temperatures but ended with temperatures 5 to 21 degrees below normal.

The Illinois State Climatologist’s Office says the average temperature in Illinois was 9 to 14 degrees above normal during the first ten days of January. The highest temperature was 66 in both Pulaski and Jersey counties. The lowest official temperature was negative 33 recorded Thursday in Moline.

The climatologist’s office says the preliminary average statewide temperature last month was 24.7 degrees given the two weather extremes. That’s 1.7 degrees below average.

The highest monthly snowfall total was in Moline where there was more than 30 inches, about 20 inches above normal.

Forecasters say there’s an above-normal chance for a wetter-than-average February statewide with below-average temperatures for northern and central Illinois.