Reminder About Drone Laws in Illinois

Reminder About Drone Laws in Illinois

ILLINOIS (IRN) — There are some rules to keep in mind for those who received a drone over the holidays.

The state of Illinois is reminding residents about the rules for new drones this year.

The Illinois Department of Transportation says everyone needs to register their drones with the FAA, read up on the rules of the sky, and make sure they’re flying safely.

IDOT’s Jessie Decker says it’s for the best.

“It is a really fun gift to get a drone for Christmas, but we do have some things that people have to be aware of when they do operate drones,” Decker said. “The first thing is that people have to visit and register their drones.”

The FAA’s rules are relatively simple for recreational drone pilots. Keep your drone in sight, never fly by airports or other aircraft, stay away from crowds and stadiums, and stay under 400 feet.

“Your aircraft is limited to under 55 pounds,” Decker said. “And you should operate it in a manner that doesn’t interfere with manned aircraft. So, you know, airplanes.”

Decker said people can read all of the rules and regulations for drones at the FAA’s website.