Illinois Receives Failing Grade for Student Safety Because of Dangerous Driving

Illinois Receives Failing Grade for Student Safety Because of Dangerous Driving

ILLINOIS (IRN) — School children are in more danger around Illinois schools from dangerous drivers than nearly any other state.

You likely don’t own a Zendrive app but it’s possible that you do have an app that uses their software that can register things like speeding, phone use while driving, as well as aggressive stopping and acceleration.

The company collected data from any software-enabled phone that drove within a quarter mile of a school last April.

In the report, grading 95 percent of the nation’s schools, Illinois was given an “F” rating, with 11 counties in Illinois receiving a failing grade. Cook County was the worst, followed by Morgan County near Springfield.

“Zendrive has the largest and richest dataset of driver and driver behavior in the world, allowing us to do nationwide studies like this because we have enough data to give us geographic coverage and enough data to show what’s going on,” Zendrive policy director Noah Budnick said. “It’s a problem from a parent’s perspective but it’s also a public health problem.”

Some schools near interstates saw poor marks but Budnick says it wasn’t enough to skew the results.

Since their report used data from April, the more hazardous winter months are likely more dangerous.

“Safe driving is even more important when the roads may be icy and slicker,” Budnick said. “Most of the school year, when it gets darker earlier, we should drive more safely.”

Students in Hardin County in southern Illinois were in the least danger from bad driver behavior nearby. Budnick says the most distracted driving accidents happen early in a trip so drivers should get their phone use done before putting the car in drive.