Vandalia Police Warning of Email Bomb Threat Going Through the Area

Vandalia Police Warning of Email Bomb Threat Going Through the Area

VANDALIA — The Vandalia Police Department is alerting the public to a bomb threat making its way through emails in our area in an apparent attempt to extort a Bitcoin payoff.

According to police, they’ve received multiple reports of an email that tells the recipient there is an explosive device (lead azide) in the building where their company is located.

The email says the bomb was constructed according to the sender’s guide and can be hidden anywhere because of its small size. The email claims the bomb cannot damage the building structure but it will wound many people if it explodes.

The sender warns the recipient that an associate is keeping the area under surveillance and If he sees any strange behavior or emergency the device will be blown up.

The recipient is told to pay $20,000 in Bitcoin to a given address. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash.

If the $20,000 isn’t transferred by the end of the workday and people start to leave the building the bomb will be detonated, threatens the email.

Police say there is no credible evidence that the threat is legitimate. They advise that if you receive the email, you should follow company procedures, like such as looking through your business for suspicious packages.

If you find anything suspicious, contact the police at 618-283-2131.

The same type of scam emails have been reported throughout different parts of the country.