Weather Keeps Deer Numbers Down for This Firearm Season

Weather Keeps Deer Numbers Down for This Firearm Season

ILLINOIS (IRN) — Sun, temperatures in the 60s and severe storms aren’t ideal for deer hunting.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Ed Cross said last weekend’s weather is one reason why Illinois’ second weekend of shotgun deer season saw a smaller harvest.

“Temperature-wise, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were perfect for that first week,” Cross said. “The second firearms season, however, was a different story. Friday was nice, but Saturday was windy and rainy, and many parts of the state we saw some pretty severe weather.”

Cross said hunters bagged 22,060 deer last weekend. That compares to 28,656 during the second season in 2017, and 58,836 deer during the first shotgun season weekend this year.

But Cross said hunters will have a few more chances in the field.

“Muzzleloader-only season starts Dec 7, and goes through the 9th,” he said. “And then there are two late winter, anterless-only seasons as well as CWD seasons.”

Those take place Dec. 27-30 and Jan. 18-20.

Overall, Cross said the total deer harvest for firearm season this year is 80,896 deer.