WASHINGTON COUNTY — Almost three months after his arrest on felony child sex offenses, a 69-year-old Wamac man informed the Washington County court Tuesday that he has been unable to hire an attorney.

Henry Michael Wolenhaupt was arrested in August and charged with two counts Class 1 criminal sexual assault of a family member under the age of 18 and three counts Class 2 felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a family member under the age of 18.

Following his arrest in August, Wolenhaupt pleaded not guilty to the charges and has since been reportedly searching for an attorney.

The case has repeatedly been delayed as a preliminary hearing and first appearance with counsel cannot be held until Wolenhaupt is represented by a defense attorney.

On Tuesday Judge Daniel Emge ordered an updated affidavit of assets and liabilities on Wolenhaupt to be completed before the next court hearing on December 13. Updated financial figures could make Wolenhaupt eligible to have a public defender appointed to his case.