Employees of Centralia Nursing Home Again Say Their Paychecks Are Not Clearing

CENTRALIA — Some local nursing home employees are again dealing with the stress of their payroll checks not clearing.

Withers Broadcasting was contacted Tuesday by multiple employees of Fireside House in Centralia claiming that not only did their paychecks not clear but their health insurance coverage has reportedly not been paid since at least October.

Multiple employees tell us they have either gone to the doctor or to fill a prescription and have been informed their health benefits have been canceled due to lack of payment.

“The money has been coming out of our paychecks,” said one employee in the nursing department at Fireside House.

The employees agreed to talk to us anonymously out of concern their jobs would be at risk. This isn’t the first time we’ve been contacted by Fireside employees this year regarding paychecks that didn’t clear.

We have attempted to contact facility administrator Kathy Berck but she was out of the office Tuesday.

We have also reached out to the facility owner Five Rivers Management in Alpharetta, Georgia and its CFO Daren Douston for comment but have only received a text message response from Five Rivers saying the recipient was busy.

Some employees late Tuesday were reporting money had been wired to their accounts to replace the rejected payroll checks.

It’s unclear, however, if the company will be paying any related fines or late fees employees have incurred due to the bounced payroll.

It’s also unclear what is happening with the healthcare coverage employees have been paying.