Blockbuster ‘Halloween’ Reboot Stays in Fictional Illinois Town

Blockbuster ‘Halloween’ Reboot Stays in Fictional Illinois Town

ILLINOIS (IRN) — The new “Halloween” movie is in theaters now, rebooting the horror franchise from the first film that debuted 40 years ago, and Illinois plays a fictitious role.

The modern myth of masked killer Michael Myers spurred by John Carpenter’s 1978 horror movie “Halloween” was set in the Illinois town of Haddonfield. There is no Haddonfield, Illinois. The town in the film was based on screenwriter Deborah Hill’s hometown in New Jersey.

Tommy Lee Wallace, a production designer of the first “Halloween” film, told The Biography Channel filming back then that the 1978 movie was filmed in California.

“The streets out there have these big California live oaks, and although they’re not native to Haddonfield, Illinois, which doesn’t even exist, they were gnarly and strange and it didn’t matter,” Wallace said. “I think most of the audience bought that it was like ‘oh, spooky trees,’ that’s all we need.”

But to make the streets of California look like Illinois in late October, filmmakers used bags of fake leaves.

PJ Soles, who played one of the slain babysitters in the 1978 film said after filming a street scene, the actors were told to go and pick up the fake leaves.

“It’s hard to find maple leaves, you know crunchy, orangy [sic] maple leaves in California,” Soles said. “It was always really funny, it’s like ‘oh, I’m leaf gatherer, I’m an actress.’ ”

The plot of the new film dismisses all the other movies in the decades-long franchise except the first one from 1978. In the continuation of the first movie, babysitter murderer Michael Myers goes after Lori Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who played that role 40 years ago.

The reboot was partly filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, despite being set in and around fictitious Haddonfield, Illinois.

In the first two weekends since the reboot hit theaters, the film has grossed over $126 million, rare for a horror movie.