There’s Plenty of Time to Register to Vote Before Election Day

There’s Plenty of Time to Register to Vote Before Election Day

ILLINOIS (IRN) — There’s a little less than a month till Election Day, but there’s still plenty of time to register to vote.

In Illinois, voters can register to vote up to and on Election Day.

Matt Dietrich with the Illinois State Board of Elections said no one needs to worry that they missed a deadline for the November election.

Oct. 9 was simply the last day to register now, and vote later.

“In Illinois, voter registration never closes,” Dietrich said. “You can register right up to, and on Election Day itself. The only difference is that, beginning on Oct. 10, if you go in to register to vote at your county clerk’s office and register in person, you will have to vote at the same time you register.”

Illinois’ grace period registration and early voting laws work hand-in-hand.

Dietrich said the rules for where people can vote early depends on where they live in Illinois.

“It’s a little bit different in the less populous counties, the ones that have less than 100,000 residents,” Dietrich said. “In those cases, sometimes you’ll be able to register at your polling place. Depending on whether your county clerk uses electronic poll books that can register you right there on site. You can always register to vote on Election Day at the election authorities.”

Dietrich said there’s also an online registration option at the State Board’s website. Voters will need an Illinois drivers license to do that.