Illinois Residents May Need New ID to Travel by 2020

ILLINOIS (IRN) — Based on a federal regulation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Illinois residents will have to obtain a REAL ID card in order to travel in 2020. The REAL ID card will also be needed to visit military air bases and secure federal buildings.

Illinois will, however, offer residents the ability to choose between receiving a standard driver’s license or the REAL ID card. No additional cost will be necessary, and the REAL ID will be denoted with a star in the corner.

“These are requirements by the federal government to get a REAL ID card, and that’s why we wanted to offer our citizens a choice because not everyone is going to want a REAL ID if you don’t fly, if you don’t visit military bases or secure federal facilities like a power plant,” said Henry Haupt, deputy press secretary for Secretary of State Jesse White.

The REAL ID will require additional proof of documentation including proof of residency, proof of identity and proof of Social Security number.

Residents that have a passport, passport card, or military ID will not be required to get a REAL ID-compliant card. These IDs will allow for travel and access to federal and military locations.

The new security requirement will go into effect on Oct. 1, 2020.

“In the short term it does not affect Illinois residents that are traveling,” Haupt said. “You could use your current license or ID card up until 2020.”

The REAL ID regulation deadline was extended from Oct 10. 2018 to 2020, allowing Illinois residents more time to comply with the security measure.

A comprehensive campaign will be conducted by the Illinois government to aware residents of the ID change.