Ramey files to withdraw guilty plea in Stauffenberg murder

Ramey files to withdraw guilty plea in Stauffenberg murder

RICHLAND COUNTY — A 54-year-old Olney man serving time for raping an 8-year-old girl who was later found dead has been given permission by the Richland County court to file to withdraw his guilty plea in the case.

Glen Ramey pleaded guilty earlier this year to predatory criminal sexual assault of Sabrina Stauffenberg in exchange for the dismissal of a charge of first-degree murder for her death. In March, Ramey was sentenced to 60 years in prison, the maximum possible sentence.

In July, Ramey’s new attorney Tania Cullison appeared in court requesting transcripts of all prior proceedings and indicated Ramey might seek to withdraw his guilty plea.

At a hearing Friday morning, Cullison was granted permission to file the motion to dismiss the plea.

The request was granted over the objection of the prosecution, who argued that Ramey missed the deadline for when such requests were to be made.

A status hearing on the motion is scheduled to be heard in court November 16. If allowed to withdraw his guilty plea Ramey will again be tried on all previous counts.