JCSO arrests two for stolen vehicle

MT. VERNON — Two people are in the Jefferson County Jail following their arrests Tuesday for alleged possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to Jefferson County Chief Deputy Clint Taylor, a deputy passing through Luv’s truck stop in Ina became suspicious of a vehicle that was backed strangely into the lot, as it didn’t have front license plate.

The deputy then walked around the car and ran the plate, which returned as stolen.

The two occupants of the vehicle, 35-year-old Martin Torres, of Eagle Pass, Texas, and 34-year-old Gracie V. Solis, of Willmar, Minnesota, had conflicting statements as to where they got the car.

One said they borrowed the car and the other said they purchased it at the Texas/Oklahoma border.

Taylor says NCIC was down for maintenance at the time and so the pair were released but the vehicle was towed.

A few hours later NCIC came back online and verified the vehicle itself was stolen.

Torres and Solis had already been released, but employees of the Luv’s truckstop told officials the pair had called a taxi cab out of Mt. Vernon.

They were spotted at approximately 5 a.m. walking around the Walmart parking lot in Mt. Vernon and were taken into custody. They are both seheduled for preliminary hearings on September 25 on the felony charges against them.