Nashville, IL couple files suit against city

Nashville, IL couple files suit against city

NASHVILLE, IL — A husband and wife have filed another lawsuit against the city of Nashville, Illinois, claiming they were fired for exposing corruption in the city’s police department.

Melissa Hopfinger was an administrative assistant with the Nashville PD and her husband Greg Hopfinger was a police officer. They were both fired last August.

Melissa filed a lawsuit that same month claiming she was fired after she and her husband filed separate reports claiming legal and regulatory violations by Nashville Police Chief Brian Fletcher.

In her lawsuit, Melissa Hopfinger says in May 2017 Fletcher was falsifying firearms training documents and at that time she told Mayor Rolf Fletcher was not providing information to account for his absences from work, allowing him to take time off without using sick days or vacation time.

Mrs. Hopfinger was terminated in August 2017. She was reportedly told her position was being eliminated.

Her husband, Greg Hopfinger, worked at the Nashville police department for 16 years before being fired on August 22, nine days before his wife’s termination.

In his lawsuit, he also accuses Fletcher of failing to re-certify for his firearm qualification and falsifying qualification records.

He further claims Fletcher misappropriated donations. According to the suit, a woman donated money to the department for the benefit of fallen officers and, after the money was given to Fletcher, it disappeared.

His lawsuit also accuses Fletcher of not reporting and recording an incident involving a high school student robbed at gunpoint; having officers help him move furniture instead of monitoring the crosswalk at an elementary school; denying pay to an officer called in to work on a day off; paying overtime to an officer who didn’t earn it; and not following up with citizens requesting police assistance