Benton City Council Meeting Spurns Much Action

Benton City Council Meeting Spurns Much Action

We are hearing a lot about sexual harassment these days. The Benton City Council replaced a current sexual harassment at Monday night’s regular meeting. Finance Commissioner Dennis Miller and City Attorney Tom Malkovich discussed the policy briefly before the vote was taken.

The vote was unanimous. Malkovich will now prepare an ordinance reflecting the adoption of the policy. The council is expected to approve this possibly at its next meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 27.

The council also approved closing an alley off of Seymour Street at the meeting. Before the vote was taken, Public Health and Safety Commissioner Don Storey asked Streets and Public Improvements Commissioner Don Wyant why the alley was being closed. Wyant told Storey residents in that area asked for it to be closed.

Wyant says the gate was put there by the resident so she could get into her backyard if need be. Wyant also said no one would be able to build on the alley, but parking would be allowed, and the city has an easement for future utilities to be put in if needed. The vote was 4 to 1 with Storey voting no for the closure.

The council also approved authorizing Wyant to seek proposals for resurfacing the East Main Street parking lot. One of the proposals, according to Finance Commissioner Miller, will be for concrete resurfacing while the other will be for blacktop resurfacing and see what the cost will be for each one.

Lastly, a law enforcement intergovernmental mutual aid agreement was also approved by the council at Monday’s meeting. Health and Safety Commissioner Storey explains the agreement.