Phone Scam in Williamson County

Phone Scam in Williamson County

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office says there is a possible scam  operating in the area.

Sheriff Bennie Vick says local businesses have reported receiving  calls from a person who claims they are representing the Williamson  County Sheriff’s Office. They state they are raising money to provide  coats for needy children.

Vick says the sheriff’s office is not raising money for this purpose,  and is not aware of any legitimate law enforcement organization that  is soliciting cash donations by telephone for this purpose.

The Carbondale Police Department, SIU Department of Public Safety and  SIU Department of Athletics are currently holding a coat drive, but  they are requesting new coats to be dropped off at specific locations.  They are not calling businesses for cash donations.

The sheriff wants people to remember to be careful with their  charitable donations this holiday season.