Shimkus Seeks 12th Term

Shimkus Seeks 12th Term

Congressman John Shimkus will be seeking his 12th term in office, having filed his petitions for nomination Monday.

But the Republican won’t be running unopposed in the 2018 general election. Carl Spoerer, a Democrat from Mahomet, filed his petitions of nomination Monday for Illinois’ 15th Congressional District.

If no other candidates file by December 4, the two men will face off in the November 18 race. Primary races will be decided in the March election.

Shimkus was first elected in 1996, in part on a platform that included term limits.

He pledged to only serve 12 years in Congress but later backtracked on that pledge and told the Herald & Review that embracing term limits was fashionable in the 1990s, but in 2008 candidates were campaigning against them.