IL Landowners See Outstanding Market Prices for Mature Trees

IL Landowners See Outstanding Market Prices for Mature Trees

Illinois forest landowners stand to be paid record-high prices for their mature forest trees and logs on farm and forest holdings, thanks to outstanding market prices for hardwood logs and lumber.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Division of Forest Resources is urging forest landowners to consult with a professional forester before agreeing to sell.

IDNR foresters want forest landowners to do some homework and exercise caution before agreeing to any timber offer.

The IDNR maintains a “Call Before You Cut” toll-free hotline through which landowners can discuss timber and forest management with IDNR Division of Forest Resources personnel, who are available to offer the best advice on how to proceed when selling timber. The hotline number is 1-888-244-1706.

“That advice can help forest landowners protect the forest resource and ensure that they realize the actual, and often significant, market value of their timber,” Deizman said. “Contacting an IDNR forester first is our best advice.”

If landowners want to sell timber, they should contact an IDNR District Forester or a professional consulting forester to advise them.