Dix woman charged in blackmail scheme

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A 24-year-old Dix woman is now facing felony intimidation and theft charges for allegedly taking part in a blackmail scheme that already resulted in the conviction of a 24-year-old Mt. Vernon man.

Erika Colbert is charged with Class 3 felonies of intimidation and theft alleging on Aug. 9 she or one for whose conduct she is accountable threatened to expose a man to “hatred, contempt or ridicule” if he did not pay $1,500.

Nicholas P. Duncan, believed to be Colbert’s fiance, pleaded guilty in early September to two counts of intimidation and was sentenced to 18 months’ probation, fined, and ordered to pay the extortion victim $6,900 in restitution.

Duncan reportedly blackmailed 70-year-old Dennis Myers, of Opdyke, twice and in at least one case threatened to falsely accuse the him of possessing child pornography if he did not pay. Colbert is accused of helping Duncan with one of the plots.

Colbert was not yet in custody as of Friday afternoon.