Voter Purge Underway in Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY — A voter purge has been going on this month in Hamilton County.

County Clerk Mary Anne Hopfinger says during the purge, she send every registered voter a new voter ID card to the address her office has on file. Nearly 6,000 ID cards have been sent out already.

Hopfinger says if that person is no longer at that address, the card comes back to her office where another attempt is made to reach that voter to update their registration. If the second attempt fails to reach that voter, then the voter is made inactive. The voter must go to the county clerk’s office to correct their voter registration.

Cards were mailed out Aug. 11 and to date, about 400 have been returned that will have to be processed.

Hopfinger says the voter purge is required every two years in the odd years when there is only one election.