Rauner calls leadership meeting to negotiate on education funding

SPRINGFIELD — On the heels of the Illinois Senate’s historic, bipartisan vote to overhaul the worst public school funding system in the nation, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton welcomed news that Gov. Bruce Rauner is calling for meetings with legislative leaders.

Rauner released a statement Monday regarding education funding reform negotiations, saying his office is calling on the four legislative leaders to meet as quickly as possible on school funding reform.

Rauner says he’s hopeful that Speaker Michael Madigan and President John Cullerton share his sense of urgency to reach resolution as families and educators across the state are heading back to school.

Cullerton responded by saying all along the only way to solve our problems is to work together in a bipartisan manner and that he looks forward to meeting with the governor and the other legislative leaders.

It’s unclear at this time when the governor and legislative leaders will meet on the issue. The House is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to attempt an override of Rauner’s amendatory veto of a funding measure earlier passed through both chambers. The Senate has already overridden the governor’s action.