Centralia woman arrested third time for failure to appear on warrant sweep arrest

MARION COUNTY — A 31-year-old Centralia woman was arrested over the weekend for allegedly failing to appear on charges stemming from a June 2 warrant sweep targeting illicit drug sales in the area.

Lindsay Brandt reportedly posted $3,000 bond on June 9 following her June 5 arrest on charges of Class 1 felony delivery of between 1-15 grams of heroin, and two Class 2 counts possession with the intent to deliver narcotics.

Brandt then failed to appear for a June 28 hearing and her bail was increased to $50,000. She posted $5,000 July 13 and then failed again failed to appear for an August 3 court hearing.

Her bail was subsequently set at $80,000 requiring $8,000 cash bond to be posted for her release.

The $3,000 cash bond posted following her initial arrest is now forfeited.