Thomas Rhett Sets Release Date for Third Studio Album

Thomas Rhett Sets Release Date for Third Studio Album

Thomas Rhett has finally announced the news his fans have been waiting for — his third studio album will be released on September 8th. The project is called Life Changes, and it will feature his chart-topping duet with Maren Morris, “Craving You,” along with his brand new single called “Unforgettable” which heads to radio today (Friday, July 28th).

Thomas co-wrote the new single which, although not autobiographical, was inspired by his wife, Lauren. He tells us: “You know, we didn’t go like super personal with this song. Like the events mentioned in this song are not a hundred percent true to mine and Lauren’s story but we really wanted to write a love song that kind of represented basically a guy telling the girl that he loves like how much he remembers the night that they fell in love or the night that they first kissed or the night that he knew he was gonna marry her and all that kind of stuff cause I think that women do love to hear that  you remember sweet moments like that, and it really is just a great love song with a storyline that I think a lot of people have met in this kind of circumstance before, and it’s a song that’s really happy that maybe if you have had a couple of drinks you might cry towards the end of it and I just love it and I’m so glad we’re using it for our second single choice.”

While Thomas once again pushes the musical boundaries with the 14 songs on Life Changes, he said, “I am and will always be a country artist. It’s who I am, it’s in my blood. I will always try to push boundaries because that rebellious side has been in me since I was a kid. My voice and my journey that inspired these songs is the glue that makes this album cohesive. This is where I’m at musically, and these are my stories.”

Thomas co-produced the new album, in addition to co-writing 10 of the songs.

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