Cullerton seeks meeting with Rauner over school funding

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Senate President John Cullerton says Gov. Bruce Rauner need not call a special session to deal with school funding. The Chicago Democrat said in a statement Friday that the Republican need only show lawmakers his alternative.

Rauner went to a high school south of Springfield to ask the Senate again to send him the funding formula legislation because the start of school looms. He says he wants it on his desk by Monday or he’ll call legislators into special session.

Cullerton says all Rauner needs to do is meet with legislative leaders and show them his plan.

Rauner wants to use an amendatory veto on the measure. He says the formula designed to push money to neediest schools first is a “bailout” for Chicago Public Schools who have underfunded pension accounts. Proponents say Chicago is not getting preferential treatment.

He produced a list this week that cuts Chicago funding by $145 million and adds it to other districts in Illinois. But he’s not released numbers-crunching details.