George Harrison Mural is “A Go” In Benton Despite Contrary Reports

BENTON — After news to the contrary circulated this week following a Benton City Council Meeting, the creator of a George Harrison Project says his mural is a go.

John Cerney of Salinas, Calif., is donating a mural of George Harrison to Benton. Cerney chose Benton because of Harrison’s connection to the community.

After news that the project had been nixed by the Benton City Council, sister station WQRL reached out to Cerney only to find out that reports of the project’s demise were incorrect. Cerney was seeking reimbursement only for his travel expenses to install the project and the City Council had voted down said reimbursements.

Cerney claims that the agreement to reimburse the expenses was already finalized and the mural was completed and scheduled for installation some time ago and the council’s vote on the matter was moot.