City Leaders Address State Budget Impact On Community

(MT. VERNON, IL) — Mayor John Lewis and local leaders held a press conference Wednesday at Mt. Vernon City Hall. The press conference was called to discuss is the impact of hidden provisions that the recently approved State budget will have on the City of Mt. Vernon Budget as well as Municipal budgets statewide. Lewis expressed disappointment that Mt. Vernon went from passing a balanced budget to being $250,000 in the red. The new state budget includes taking 10 percent of the local share of the state income tax in addition to the 32 percent increase that was reported for state use. While Lewis and City Manager Mary Ellen Bechtel both praised the efforts the city has made in creating new retail opportunities, they each indicated that it pales to the losses created by online sales. In addition to the aforementioned percentages, the state will keep 2 percent of all home rule taxes passed by municipalities.