NTSB: Passenger chaos after American engine explosion, fire

CHICAGO (AP) — Passengers aboard an American Airlines 767 that suffered an engine failure and fire last year climbed over seats and pressured flight attendants to evacuate the plane as the second engine continued to run.

The National Transportation Safety Board released its findings Thursday into the engine fire on Miami-bound Flight 383 as it rolled down a runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Oct. 28. Investigators have not yet determined what caused the blaze.

The NTSB reports passengers said they heard a loud bang during takeoff. Flames were detected almost immediately. The report indicates passengers moved from the right side of the plane to the left, shouting at flight attendants to open emergency doors as the plane came to a halt and the cabin filled with smoke. The evacuation effort was hindered by the undamaged engine still running.

No one was killed. One person was seriously hurt and 20 others suffered minor injuries.