Governor’s Office Reportedly Violates FOIA Act

(SPRINGFIELD, IL) — In a legally binding decision, the attorney general’s office ruled yesterday that the governor’s office has violated the Freedom of Information Act law by refusing to respond to a request for public documents. Attorney General Lisa Madigan then ordered the office to comply with the statute. This past March, the Springfield Business Journal submitted a FOIA request to the governor’s office. It asked for all e-mails sent and received by former Comptroller Leslie Munger since being appointed deputy governor as well as her public schedule. The publication never received a response, even after six separate e-mail requests, so they contacted the AG’s Public Access Bureau in May. The Public Access Bureau attempted twice to get a response from the governor’s office to no avail. So, yesterday Attorney General Madigan ruled that the governor’s office had violated the law and ordered it to comply. The governor either has to comply or take the matter to court.