Mt. Vernon City Council To Meet

(MT. VERNON, IL) – The Mt. Vernon City Council met Monday evening. Among items on the agenda, the Council will accepted low bids for the 28th & Jones Streets sanitary sewer project from J.K. Trotter & Sons for the bid of $88,954, for Lake Terrace NE Resurfacing project from Rooters Asphalt for $201, 378.01, for downtown sidewalk and curb project at 9th Street, Harrison, and Jordan from Rollie Excavating for $42,285, and for the 2016 street maintenance program material funds from Jax Asphalt for $214,447.93.  The City Manager requested permission to apply for Bureau of Justice Ballistic Vest Grant and to contract for a water modeling study, which were both approved. The Council heard reports from Public Utilities Committee Chairman Ray Botch and from the Rend Lake Conservancy District.  The City Attorney gave a second reading of an ordinance of creating a liquor restaurant license for Funblasters, which the Council failed to accept a motion, an ordinance for TIF redevelopment agreement with Guero’s Mexican Restaurant, which was approved, a first reading of an ordinance prohibiting parking of motor vehicles on Harlan Road, and resolutions approving application for Illinois Community Development Block Grant Program Grant and approving an agreement with Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. for engineering services on the 44th Street Roadway Reconstruction, which were both approved.  Finally, the Council gave a 7th Street crossing update.