Peoria Historical Society might have to discontinue tours

PEORIA, Ill. (AP) — The Peoria Historical Society’s history tours may become history themselves. Beth Jensen, who chairs the society’s history tours, tells the (Peoria) Journal Star that the problem is transportation. The tours used city trolley buses for 20 years until Peoria sold them last year. Then the society used the Peoria Riverfront Museum’s bus but Jensen says the museum might sell the bus next year. She says if that happens and the society can’t find another vehicle it would have to discontinue the tours. That would hurt the not-for-profit society, which has earned as much as $20,000 a year from the tours. The tours offer a way to learn about the city’s history, including Peoria’s whiskey and brewing industry before Prohibition and the reasons why Peoria was once nicknamed “Sin City.”