Chris Young Says Success Eases Pressure

Chris Young Says Success Eases Pressure

Chris Young‘s “Losing Sleep” is the first music fans are hearing from his upcoming album. The song is climbing the charts, so that’s a good sign for Chris, who has gotten used to commercial and critical success.

Chris is again co-producing the new project as he did with I’m Comin’ Over, but he tells us he tries not to let the double-edged sword of success affect him. “I’m never gonna complain about an album being successful. You know, each one of them are so different from one another. They are really snapshots in time and where you are at that moment as a vocalist, as a songwriter, as a producer. And kind of what you are feeling, what you need to say. So I think each one of them can kinda stand on their own. Do you always look at how successful the last one was and hope that you can top it? Of course! But I was so proud of everything that happened with the whole album, with I’m Comin Over. The fact that all three singles went number 1, the fact they all sold really well, the fact that the album sold really well. It was the fastest Gold album I’d ever had in my career. All of those things kinda outweigh any, I guess, anxiousness I have about topping it with the next record

Chris will headline the “Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th” in downtown Nashville.

Montana you BROUGHT IT TONIGHT!!! I'll party with you anytime! #losingsleep

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